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You deserve more than just a floor! You need metallic epoxy flooring that is sure to catch the eye of anyone who walks in your door. With our one-of-a-kind floors, you can have durable yet dazzling floors all year long with no hassle or maintenance needed on your part.


Metallic Epoxy is a type of floor coating system that incorporates metallic additives to create exotic effects. The metallic powder continues to move through the epoxy as it mixes, creating unique and one-of-a-kind designs. Metallic Epoxy is perfect for those looking for something different from traditional paint or tile in their home decorations. It's also great for business owners who want to stand out from the competition by offering customers an innovative product they can't find anywhere else!

- Metallic Epoxy is an affordable alternative to paint or tile because unlike these products they don't need a sealant coat at the end that needs to be maintained over time.

- It's also considered more durable than paint or tile which means there are no worries about cracks from expansion due to temperature changes! The protective coating prevents cracking even when exposed for years in harsh environments like industrial facilities where chemicals and greases may cause damage without proper protection against corrosion.


- They're easy to maintain as well with simple cleanings using just soap & water on most surfaces followed by wiping dry with a cotton towel.

another great feature of metallic epoxy is its large number of color choices and variations is capable of achieving. Metallic epoxy can be found in metallic colors like gold, copper, blue, and bronze to name a few or it can also come in custom mixed colors!


- The final result is simply stunning as these metallic layers create amazing patterns that are completely unique depending on the order they're applied. This means there are no two surfaces that are alike! This one of a kind design will definitely help you stand out with your interior design choices for years to come, unlike paint or tile which just get old over time and eventually need new coats if you want them re-painted.


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As previously mentioned metallics provide an ideal coating for environments where corrosion protection is needed such as industrial facilities due to their durability without needing maintenance sealing coatings


Metallic epoxy can also be used in other designs or structures as well. In fact, metallic epoxy can be used as a decorative coating on metal and hard surfaces such as cars, motorcycles, tractor-trailers or even boats.


- Metallic Epoxy Coatings for Cars - The use of clear coat paints is what makes this product so popular with car owners because it allows the beautiful metallic flakes to shine through without having to replace the entire paint job.

- Metallic Epoxy Paint Jobs - This coating system will give your vehicle's exterior that special touch you've been wanting but just couldn't seem to find in other products without breaking the bank in order to do it. It provides an extended life span by protecting against rusting and oxidization which often occurs when vehicles are exposed to UV rays over time.


Our team at epoxy flooring Miramar Florida installs metallic epoxy coatings, and we are proud to offer this unique product. With a wide variety of colors that can be mixed into the clear coating in order to create one-of-a-kind designs on your flooring surfaces, you will have an eye-catching look for any room.

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