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Epoxy is a specialized, durable material that can be used to create floors. Epoxy systems are made up of two components: resin and hardener. When mixed together in the right proportions, these ingredients chemically react with one another to form an extremely strong plastic-like substance that bonds well with most surfaces; as such it's quite popular for industrial environments or hospitals where heavy traffic may take place on occasion.


Epoxy was first developed by NASA scientists during World War II when they needed a tough surface coating that could withstand extreme temperature changes while also being resistant from radiation exposure due to radioactive fallout particles given off by nuclear weapons tests at the time (although epoxies do not shield against ionizing radiation).


Industrial markets demand industrial epoxy flooring is often higher than residential needs. With the recent surge in industrial construction, more and more companies are looking to make their commercial spaces stand out with a unique design aesthetic. Epoxy floors offer a polished look that will impress your clients while also giving you peace of mind knowing they can take on heavy loads like forklifts and other machinery without cracking or breaking. Contact us today to learn how we can help you create an industrial flooring installation that will last!


Indoor industrial surfaces were designed for heavy-duty, and epoxy flooring is perfect for these settings.


Industrial markets demand epoxy floors is on the rise due to their durability and versatility. Epoxy flooring has a wide range of industrial applications, from oil rigs to manufacturing plants.



Companies installing new industrial surfaces are turning more than ever to epoxy floor coatings because they can be applied right over concrete, metal, or previously coated surfaces without any need for time-consuming removal processes such as grinding, sanding, or scraping. In addition, unlike other types of materials that offer only one type of surface finish (such as slip-resistant), an epoxy coating offers several different textures with varying degrees of skid resistance depending upon the needs at hand. For example in heavy-duty settings where there's less concern about worker safety.

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Business owners want to keep employees safe and a great way is through epoxy flooring because it can offer a variety of surfaces.


Epoxy coatings are applied as liquids that dry to create tough, durable, and skid-resistant flooring in industrial settings such as manufacturing plants or machine shops. The high-performance finish resists most chemicals and solvents making them an ideal surface for food processing factories where spills may need to be cleaned up quickly without damaging the floors below. In addition, they're easy to maintain with regular sweeping or vacuuming which keeps production lines running smoothly even during busy periods when there's less time available for deep cleaning tasks.


Manufacturers have been turning more often than ever to epoxy floor coatings because these types of products make sense in many different areas of their business.


Our professional epoxy installation team is experienced in industrial epoxy installation projects. They've installed epoxy flooring in industrial environments and warehouses for years, so we're often the go-to company to handle these projects with ease.


Industrial markets need resilient floors that can withstand constant use without wearing down or becoming damaged as easily as other types of floors would be after heavy traffic areas are created over time. That's where industrial epoxy installation comes into play!


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