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Adding professionally applied epoxy garage flooring to your home is a good example of an inexpensive and practical improvement. It will not only improve the aesthetic quality of your space but also add value in return.


If you are in the market for garage epoxy coating, you may be wondering why garages are such a popular choice. By far, the number one reason is that they take so much wear and tear! The ground beneath your garage floor sees everything from gas to oil to dirt and more. All this combined with high foot traffic makes it a prime candidate for an epoxy coating installation.


Epoxy flooring services are in high demand in garages because they offer a durable surface that will hold up against all the elements, high traffic, and harsh chemicals. Plus, with an epoxy floor coating, you can choose from a wide variety of colors to help match your garage's design scheme.


Epoxy flooring is also anti slip which is great because it'll help keep everything in its place. With a garage epoxy coating, you can say goodbye to those dangerous and slippery concrete floors!


Epoxy flooring is also easy to maintain which takes one more thing off your plate. Epoxies are resistant to chemicals that would ruin other types of flooring so it's super beneficial for the environment too. And last but not least, this type of flooring won't need much maintenance at all! It just needs regular sweeping and light mopping with water or mild detergent- no harsh cleaners needed!

Garages take such a beating from us humans on a daily basis - they deserve an epoxy coating installation to give them back some dignity 😉


The epoxy coating allows customers to be creative with their garage design. No longer do you have to be limited by the colors and patterns of your flooring - now with epoxy coating, you can get creative! With stencils or paint that is non-skid, customers are able to create intricate designs in their garage.

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Epoxy coatings also offer different levels of protection for floors which allows homeowners more options when deciding what level would work best for them:

  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Medium VOC
  • High VOC (Very low risk of irritation)

Garages look better AND make us healthier? Yes please! We all deserve a beautiful & safe place where we go everyday but don't always see ourselves reflected back.


Epoxy is garages is very popular in warm climates because it is a water-based spray coating that doesn't need curing. In those climates, it can be difficult to keep the garage dry enough for solvent paint coatings and epoxy spraying is also less expensive than using traditional paints because of its cost per square foot.

In florida, a garage is a place of gathering so why not make it  a show stopper for family and friends to visit?


In Florida, a garage is usually used as an indoor gathering space so why not make it stand out in style with an epoxy coating installation? Its low odor makes it more desirable among homeowners who have little tolerance towards strong fumes from other types of chemical treatments.


Garages are such a common area for applying this type of treatment that they're often referred to as "epoxies."


Our professional epoxy installations services in Florida come with a lifetime warranty and all of the necessary tools to get the job done.


Epoxy coatings are more resistant to cracking or chipping, which is why they're so popular in garages where high-impact items like lawnmowers are often stored.

Garage owners will love how easy epoxy paint can be applied compared to other types of paints because it's dry enough for solvent paint coatings and epoxies spraying is also less expensive than using traditional paints because of its cost per square foot. The garage coating process takes about two days-- that's counting clean-up time!


In addition, low odor levels make this type of treatment perfect for those who have little tolerance towards strong fumes from other chemical treatments.

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