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Epoxy is an incredibly versatile material. It can be molded into any shape, and it comes in a variety of colors that you see around commercial buildings for flooring nowadays. You can customize your own floors to meet the needs of whatever type of business you are running too!


The benefits of commercial epoxy flooring are endless. Whether you have a restaurant kitchen, hotel lobby, or school gym - there is an epoxy coating for you. With so many different options to choose from and the durability of this type of flooring, it's no wonder that more and more commercial establishments are opting for this type of flooring product.


Some benefits include: being resistant to scratches and fading; easy-to-clean but hardy material that lasts long even against spills or tough stains; scratch-proof surface thanks to its hardness which makes cleaning easier when compared with other types of materials like wood floors; perfect if you're looking for slip resistance as well. These are all great advantages in areas such as schools or malls that are frequented by a lot of people.


Epoxy coating for commercial use provides durability along with unique designs and patterns. It is a great way to protect the floors of your commercial building as well.


- Epoxy flooring will resist nearly anything you put on it, even ice and hot cooking oil! 


- Acrylics can be applied for decorative purposes or just an overall tough protective layer that resists stains from daily use in any setting, including kitchens and high traffic areas.

In commercial-grade kitchens, epoxy flooring is a great advantage because it is not porous so it doesn't absorb liquids.


- Epoxy flooring for commercial use can be applied in any fashion: polished, textured, or as an embossed pattern. 

- There are a wide variety of colors and patterns that you can choose from when selecting an epoxy coating for your commercial building! 

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 The cost of commercial-grade epoxy flooring installation will vary depending on the size, complexity, thickness, and other design specifics but typically ranges between $30 - $60 per square foot installed with an average life expectancy of 25 years.


Epoxies provide beauty along with protection to the surfaces they cover while providing great benefits like durability against chemical spills making them perfect for kitchens and high traffic areas which would.

Other great indications for epoxy floor coating in Miramar are gyms, this is because epoxy flooring has a resilient


- which is especially important in areas where there are high volumes of people. 


- Once the epoxy coating application process is complete, it will be difficult for chemicals to penetrate and damage the surface of your commercial building floor.


Another great benefit set with epoxies is that they do not require as much maintenance as other coatings or sealers because they resist scratches, stains, wear marks, and scuffs making them perfect for food prep areas like kitchens or restaurants or any place where you want to keep things looking fresh!


So if you're wondering how to choose between these different materials when installing new floors on your commercial buildings - try epoxy coating first!

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